My favourite ever blog…


Definitely my favourite blog out there is Bicycle Design.

If you followed me before, you will know that cycling is a huge passion of mine and I am a keen road cyclist myself.

The Bicycle Design blog is the perfect place to get my quick fix of bicycle p**n for the day and I harbour hope I will find myself on their in good time.

It is written by a guy called James Thomas and follows all the latest trends, from state-of-the-art racing road bikes to motorised tricycles to one-off, custom built frames.

James, I salute you!



2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 540 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 9 trips to carry that many people.

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Bike Design with Purpose

Trying to think of a final year design project is not easy but it does provide me with an opportunity to design something within an area that I love. There in lies the problem; the bicycle frame is just too good!

Their is a reason why frame shapes have changed little in the last 50-60 years, with materials and manufacturing developments the greatest area of advancement.

Recycled frames, 3D printed customisable frames, sustainable manufacturing methods, new commuter friend pedals… who knows?

All I know is I want it to be a worthwhile and meaningful project with potiential to be a real product/service. Not so easy but I love a challenge.




I love this concept.
Straining to reserve judgement until I’ve seen them in proper action.


Revolights est un système d’éclairage LED pour les vélos. Le projet est né dans le Bay Area en Californie, grâce à Kent Frankovich et Adam Pettler.  La technologie développée par ces deux ingénieurs permet de mieux éclairer le devant et le derrière du vélo, et permet aussi d’être beaucoup plus sécuritaire la nuit. Les créateurs attendent toujours après leur brevet pour commercialiser le produit, mais ils prévoient le vendre pour environ 250$.  Je trouve le projet super intéressant et je leur souhaite la meilleure des chances dans leur entreprise.

Écoutez la vidéo pour comprendre comment fonctionne cette technologie.

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100% agreed.


 Motors co ukMotors.co.uk research reveals that ‘the Wiggins effect’ has gripped over a third (36%) of British motorists, all of whom have been positively influenced in some way by Team GB’s cycling success.

However, over a third (34%)  feel that the UK’s roads are too dangerous for cyclists, with almost  3 in 10 (26%) calling upon the Government to invest more in lanes and schemes.

 One in twenty (6%)  have been inspired to cycle more as a result of the Team GB cycling team’s astounding success.

Olympic cycling superstars such as Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton have played their part in improving the beleaguered relationship between British drivers and cyclists, according to research from Motors.co.uk. Over a third (36%) of motorists claimed that their attitude to those on two wheels has been positively influenced by Olympic cycling success this summer.

The YouGov research of over 2,000 motorists from the

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Walk Away from Traffic

Bike rules all!

Moment Matters

The true causes Traffic jam?

It isn’t the density of people, but the density of cars. As shown in the photo above, a bunch of people occupied the whole street when they rode with their personal cars. Head-striking traffic is eradicated when people use economical mediums such as a bus or environmental such as bicycle.

December of last year sold 1,145,079 vehicles in United States. With roughly a million cars sold each month, no wonder why our roads are intersected with traffic.

People blame different factors to traffic. Main in the list was the disturbances, like accident or construction constricting the road. And of course, rush hour, the most used excuse.

Japan Airlines CEO Haruka Nishimatsu rides the public bus to work; while every person is prided with his or her own vehicle in the United States.

If you’ll just go to the book store a block away, walking won’t be…

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