Amazing Video from my boys!

Kazakhstan Video Update..


Away from the design world…

I’m a little (very) jealous of two of my best friends at the moment.

They happen to be cycling from Derbyshire in the UK to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam all for charity. To you and me, that around 10,000 miles and so far they look to be having the most amazing time!

I was involved in raising awareness of the trip and produced a promo video for the trip (will post after), and since then they have been updating a blog and making videos. Its all just made me want to it myself, and I’m gonna do it.

All very initial ideas at the moment but hey-ho, i’m going to do it. If anyone has any ideas/places to go, see or do. I’m all ears. North to South America seems very appealing and its exciting me just writing about it. After graduating from university in the summer 2014, I want to set off and do it.

Design myself a little trip!