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One of the sweetest electric bikes I’ve seen…BUT…

Yes, the environmental impact, or footprintof an electric bicycle is monumentally smaller than a combustion vehicle. It takes up less space on the road, is more navigable than an automobile, can be transported easier, and of course, uses very little fossil fuel throughout its use.

That said and at the risk of not knowing the actual design drivers for this project, I’m wondering why they chose such a costly environmental unfriendly material – billet aluminum. Procuring solid billet aluminum requires a gratuitous amount of energy and water to produce, which translates into its GHG (green house gas) equivalent (environmental impact) to be VERY high with respects to other structurally comparable materials. According to a study done by PE International & Five Winds released Mar 10, 2010, for every pound of primary aluminum ingot produced (keep in mind this figure does not…

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L’Eroica 2012, Just a Few More Sleeps


Chikashi Miyamoto

The world’s best amateur cycling event is quickly approaching.  Brooks, who were noticeably absent last year, will be sending a handful of people this year.

The number that I am being allocated this year is 3168. Luciano Berruti, the l’Eroica poster boy, will be sporting numero 1 once again. I see that Francesco Moser will be there again this year, but I have no idea whether he is ‘the sheriff’. Judging from his low number, I am guessing that he is Lo sceriffo himself.

There are quite a few people flying in from the US and Japan, but I have noticed that there are a couple of people from Brisbane on the list. It may seem crazy to come for l’Eroica all the way from Australia, or anywhere outside of Europe, but you would understand if you have experienced it yourself. You might even refer to it as…

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2012 has turned out to be amazing for sport. The UK’s collective morale has been lifted by moments of pure inspiration of the highest calibre.

Last night proved to be the latest edition of sporting heroics, with Europe providing the greatest comeback in Ryder Cup history. Watching Ian Poulter near single-handedly create moment out of nothing, Justin Rose’s monumental 30-foot putt on the 17th stunning the US team into doubt, Luke Donald’s calm head, Paul Lawrie’s battering of golfs form player, McIlroy’s brilliance, Westwood’s big match moment, Garcia’s Ballesteros spirit and Kaymer’s German steel sparked thoughts of Wiggins, Farah, Murray, Ennis, Peacock, Rutherford et al. The spirit of Seve provided such an emotional cause for Team Europe for fight for, and it is that which truly sums up British sport this summer. Pure emotion and fighting spirit.

Sport has provided such a welcome relief in a difficult time and for that I say thank you, my faith in humanity is once again restored.