Why I Am Here?

When I started university, I didn’t know what design was. I had no previous knowledge of the subject and generally thought it was drawing cool looking pictures. I went on to find out that that is the case and institutionalised design constrains the designer to a set of skills and techniques that does generally make things look and/or function a little bit better. Incremental Design. In an environment where you are told you have to stand out, I was not expecting to be taught to conform so much.

I sought new ways to approach the subject and found an inspirational TED talk from IDEO’s creator Tim Brown on how ‘design got small’ and how design thinking can be used to a much greater affect. I bought into the idea, changed my way of approaching problems and I started to enjoy design (just asks my lecturers) … Who’d of thought it?

This blog is a personal exploration of the design world.

Inspirational Designers. Inspiration Design. Design that actually matters.

Design Got Small.


One thought on “Why I Am Here?

  1. It’s great to find other people who seem to be sharing a similar journey. I often feel like an explorer who has discovered a new land and I want to share my discoveries with the world. I am humbled by the idea that I am not actually the first one there, it’s just new to me, but I still want to talk about it because it is an amazing place.

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