Designer Data

Once upon a time, excel rules the world. Endless graphs, pie charts and spreadsheets provided the platform for data visualisation with the first generation of the digital age relying on its boring simplicity to apparently add some spice to their presentations. But this was all very 1990s, not that there was anything wrong with 90s, but dated all the same.

Recently, as a love child of excel’s mind-numbing-ness and good quality software means data ha entered the world of the designer. Infographics are another of 2012’s buzzwords, sexy data engaging its audience. Do they have any worth?

The answer to that is sometimes.Image

With all design, some is useful, some is not. Providing relevant and interesting information is a way that true engages with its audience shows good design thinking and can really be a string to a designers bow. And while there are plenty of rather useless ones, the further away from excel we get, the better.Image

Death by powerpoint is so 1999.


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