How houses should be built…

I’ve been working in R&D within the construction industry for the past 4 months.

What has struck me most?

How pre historic the UK house building industry is.

House builders lack of ambition and innovation (which is assumed to mean risk) is quite startling given the technology available. According to the house builder, consumers want to know what they are gettting when they buy a house and again they have assumed that that means building houses in the same way and style for the past 30 years. Increasing pressure to improve the rate of construction and quality of houses has provided a significant challenge to the people who are building the UK’s houses on mass, mainly where its hurt them most, their wallets.

Innovation in housing comes from the tiny spec of society who are willing to take, what is percieved to be, a high cost risk. Criticism from the ‘real world’ usually means these innovations are kept for the elite few but, alas, maybe we have found a comercially viable, high performing alternative to the downright awful housing currently being produced.

Facit Homes, recently exhibitioned on Grand Designs, uses on-site manufacture to build beautiful houses, at an affordable price, that actually performs to the standards required in the modern world. Lets just hope more powerful suitors jump on the band wagon and push this technology. Housing that is actually designed for the user.

An example of a well designed house.

With a well designed manufacturing method.


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