My personal 3D Revolution

After posting about the future of 3D printing, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about its potential. I have got to the point now where I just need to buy one, but can I justify the outlay. I have visions of my only little business, modelling and producing parts for the local community but will I be jumping in too early? Are the people of the world ready for this technology? A technology at such an early stage of development, being trialled and tested far away from the general public, is one that needs gently massaging into modern day culture as not to scary everyone away. Looking at the machines currently available (see below for example), they remind me of the scary ‘grey-box’ PC’s of the 90’s. The technology is getting their now, we just need a big player to get hold of it and make it useable.

I have faith in society to fully buy into 3D printing one day, but we need industry to deal out the proverbial back rub first!


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