An Unlikely Hero of Design

Alan Turing.

Last year, my course mates and I were asked at university who our favourite designer are. Around the room we had Jonny Ive and James Dyson repeated a number of times but I went for Alan Turing. Surprising to my fellows and surprising to me, they didn’t know who I was talking about.

One of the pioneers of the modern computing ages, Turing was ‘the’ codebreaker for the British in WWII and helped crack the unbreakable enigma code with his thinking machine. Turing has been awarded with a Google doodle and his own Monopoly board this year, the highest recognition any genius can have!

His story is fascinating if not dark and I recommend Channel 4’s ‘Genius of Britian’ as a great introduction to the man.

Mathematican by trade but one of the most inspirational designers ever.


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