My biking passion…

As 2012 has been such a success for Great British cycling, Wiggins et al., I couldn’t be more delighted for the sport and the industry that supports it. Previously, cycling shops have been run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, struggling to survive but doing so on passion and commitment. Ever since the early summer of 2012, with Brad Wiggins winning Paris-Roubaix, the cycling ‘train’ is continuing to grow in momentum and the individual, specialist cycling shops are going along for the ride.

With reported popularity at an all time high, I just hope it continues and cycling becomes as popular as the planet needs. One of, if not the topic for industrial designers is sustainable city transport. All sorts of weird and wonderful folding cars and futuristic, monorail, space robot pod thingy-ma-jigs seem to be many designers answer to city transport systems. I think bike.

While the success in the Tour de France and the London Olympic Games will not make 60 million British people ditch their cars for their space saving, eco-friendly, physical and mental health improving two-wheeled friends, but maybe it might help. Certainly on my daily commute to work on my bike, i’ve seen numbers of cyclists increase dramatically. Keep it up people!

Change people attitudes to cycling is the keys. No mean feat. Maybe industrial designers should jump on the cycling bandwagon, design campaigns to not just improve awareness but to demand participation. A healthier population, in less congested cities, contributing to a healthier planet, with loads of innovative bike and infrastructure designs along the way? One can only dream…


Moritz Menacher’s ‘Rollin’


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